YESTERBOONE UPDATE:  A new YesterBoone category has been added to the event. The category is called “Vintage Gourmet” which allows entries to include anything from Grandma’s recipe to a restaurant’s traditional entrée or a family heirloom seed that creates fresh garden entrees for an epicurean’s delight! For 2017, ANY YesterBoone exhibitor who registers and pays the basic $35 fee is eligible to compete in this category. Exhibitors MUST include this category on your registration materials “or” alert one of our event organizers, in writing, that you plan to participate. If you ONLY want to compete in this category that’s fine too! Simply register for this category as a YesterBoone exhibitor by August 30, 2017 and watch for more details will be coming soon. Only 30-entries will be accepted. You do not need to connect with a venue to participate in this category. This exhibition category is open to amateur chefs, professional chefs, bakers, pastry or any kind of food enthusiasts! We look forward to seeing what creative chefs have to offer and all 30-Vintage Gourmet entrants will receive complete and written details to fully comply with the juried award requirements. Details will by published on this website by Sept. 16, 2017.