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Boone History Museums engage individuals and communities in the discovery of history and the arts, and offer culturally significant facilities with the intention of building community and creating conversations to better understand the past, present, and future, related to the people, places, and artifacts of Central Iowa.

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We envision Central Iowa as a welcoming and imaginative learning environment that fosters community through history and the arts.

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Michael Waterbury-President
Shirley Walrod-Vice President
Sandra Devin-Secretary
John Stephenson-Interim Treasurer
Linda R. Blakely-Director At Large

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Larry Adams
Curtis Condon
Joe Devin
Bill Lusher

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Board Meetings are held quarterly in January, April, July and October and are open to the public.

Special Meetings and the Annual Membership Meeting are open to members only.

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May 22, 2019

6:00 pm at the lower level of the History Center

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County Rd E41 & J Ave | Ogden, IA

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By Appointment Only


Adults $5 | Youth $2 | Children 6 & under Free

Once again school bells ring at the Hickory Grove School. After more than five years of restoration at its new site on the grounds of the Battin Chapel, juncture of old Highway 30 (E 41) and J Avenue between Ogden and Boone, the school has reopened.

The school, originally built in 1889 in the northeastern corner of Yell Township, allows visitors to sit in desks once occupied by school children, peruse books they read, and see the school house’s potbelly stove. The building’s furnishings span the history of its 77 years. It finally closed its doors on May 11, 1956. Slates, historic maps and globes, teacher’s tools and many textbooks, encyclopedias, children’s books and other school memorabilia are contained in the collection displayed within the building.

The museum was formerly located at Don Williams Recreation Area, but was moved in late 2006 to the site of the Battin Chapel, which contains a well-preserved railroad depot in addition to the chapel and school. The Boone County Historical Society and the Battin Heritage Association jointly sponsor the museum.

Hickory Grove School Gallery

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