Our Society

Public records of the Society:

Our Mission

Boone History Museums engage individuals and communities in the discovery of history and the arts, and offer culturally significant facilities with the intention of building community and creating conversations to better understand the past, present, and future, related to the people, places, and artifacts of Central Iowa.

Our Vision

We envision Central Iowa as a welcoming and imaginative learning environment that fosters community through history and the arts.

Friends of Boone History Museums

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Board Members


President -Janet Tait

Vice-President-Becca Miller
Secretary-Pat Hahn
Treasurer-Donna Cottingham
Board Members
Robin Crouch
Matthew Parsons
Karen Dannon
Tom Sandve
Ex-Officio Member
Mara MacKay

All board meetings are open to the public.  Anyone can attend and if you are requesting to be on the agenda you must request time on the agenda at least a week in advance. Members have priority seating.

Next meeting:

October 9th

Board meetings:
October 9 all at 5:30 at the History Center


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Mara MacKay



Judith McMahon

Administrative Assistant